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Jackfruit: A Bicycle Adventure Through Latin America

“I got sick of day to day life in Australia, saved up, and I’ve been traveling the
world for the last year. It’s been interesting for an old man like me.”

“Hey man, it’s never too late. You have to eventually make your dreams happen,
otherwise, what’s the point of living?”

“That’s good someone young like you would realize that. I think I’m an example
of too old smart.”

“So what brings you to Cuzco?”

“Well right now, I’m pumped up on antibiotics, so I’m just here for the medical
treatment and to recover.”

“What happened?”

“My appendix burst while I was volunteering out in the rain forest. I was teaching
a tribe some English. They flew me into Cuzco, and fixed me up, although I
had a battle to see if my travel health insurance would pay. That was bloody hell,
but the doctors were kind enough to stitch me back up. So now, I ‘m just relaxing
here, and listening to some interesting things going on around here, like your
energy conversation.”

He took a sip of tea, and then said, “about that light, have you met Marco?”

“I think so, why?”

“I swear, I think he’s a reincarnated Incan. Marco has a knack for finding
ancient ruins that no one else knows about. He’s shown me a few. This place is
full of them. The entire Andes and some of the cloud forests are full of them. If
there’s anyone who’d know what to look for, that would be Marco. And speak of
the devil. Ah well, there never was such a thing as a coincidence.” Said Geoff as
Marco walked in.

Marco was taller than me by a couple of inches. He was brown and sturdy
looking. He walked up to us, and we shook hands.

“Hello Marco.”

“David! Ernesto has told me much about you. I have many things I want to talk
to you about.”

“What did he say?”

“He showed me your theory that these things are part of some kind of machine.”

“It’s a hypothesis, and it’s based on what I’ve observed. It’s not a theory yet.”

“Still, it is a good idea. A very good one. I have also worked with the western
archaeologists and anthropologists, and I did not like what their theories were. They
never listened to us.”

I looked at Geoff. He nodded in agreement.



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